ISA Fragrances Team Building Workshops

Team Building and Fragrance Making

Ever wondered what makes Chanel No. 5 such a legend?

This signature perfume workshop is a fragrance journey that explores that question and guides participants through the fascinating world of fragrances. As a fun experience that is also business savvy, this workshop is an ideal team exercise that can be customized to suit a client’s needs.

Workshop format:

  • Look at the history of perfumery, including advertisements and concepts.
  • Learn how a perfumer creates a perfume.
  • Experience many different smells – real perfumes as well as the raw materials that a perfumer uses.
  • Participants create their own perfume and take their unique creation home with them.
  • Or, perfume creation can be done in groups as a team-building exercise. Participants work in small groups to develop a fragrance, fragrance concept and name, a concept board with photos and colors, and a short presentation.

If your company products are in a fragrance related field – such as home care, body care or food – this workshop helps the team better understand the fragrance experience of your products.

All workshops can be given in English, Spanish or Dutch.

Time can vary from a few hours to a full day, depending upon the client needs and the objective for the workshop.

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  • Caroline Courtier
    Head of international Compensation and Benefits and Global Mobility | Conduent

    “Isabelle’s perfume workshop is a great tool for team-building as wel as social networking. She has a deep knowledge of the perfume and fragrance industry, the commercial as well as the creative side. There is a surprising amount to learn about this business, considering it (literally) touches our lives daily.

    Apart from listening to her lively presentation, it also gives the participants a chance to step into the shoes of a perfumer and create an individual perfume which can be taken home.

    Fragrance says a lot about personality and sharing the choice of combining base products with the other participants is a great tool to get to know one another.

    A wonderful experience and I would highly recommended this workshop for companies and social groups alike.”

  • Columban Hurley
    Regional Manager France, South Europe, Turkey & MEA | International Paper

    “Isabelle organised and ran a team-building exercise for us. Beyond the novelty aspect and the fact everyone was able to pride themselves on having designed their own perfume, Isabelle, through her expert knowledge and boundless energy, fostered a highly productive team atmosphere which had the entire team galvanised for four hours!  The team’s feedback was universally positive. I strongly recommend Isabelle; her enthusiasm and professionalism are contagious!”

  • JoAnn Lauterbach
    Communications Consultant | Executive Coach

    “I attended one of Isabelle´s Perfume Workshops and enjoyed the experience immensely. It was not only informative and interesting, but also interactive and loads of fun. Isabelle is passionate and knowledgeable about her subject matter and I highly recommend this unique workshop.”

  • ISA Fragrances Workshop Testimonial ESADEAna Solà
    Human Resources Manager | ESADE Business School

    “Isabelle’s workshop allowed us to deepen the relationship of the team outside the office without even realising it, naturally creating a spontaneous connection between us beyond our daily relationships. I strongly believe that this shared experience will reinforce the connection between people and help us work in a more enjoyable and effective way. The workshop content was very interesting and Isabelle explains and presents it with passion, stirring the curiosity of the participants. A pleasant and helpful experience.”